Join the Website Development workshop to structure and optimize your website.

Why join the Website Development workshop?

For starters, if you do not have a website for your business yet, this workshop will help you plan and organize information for your must-have web pages needed for your website to be successful at converting users to customers. Web development is different from web designing being that it focuses more on the core structure of a website and less on the visual design. This being said, if you already have a website designed, but feel it is not getting enough viewers, you may need to optimize your website for search engines. 

Example Sitemap.PNG

I already have a website. What now?

  1. Create and submit a sitemap of your website to Google Search Console for indexing purposes

  2. Verify pages are optimized for search engines

  3. Mark up data on your website to display more informative results on search engines


Ex: event schema markup on Google SERP

What will we do if I don't have a website?

  1. Create a sitemap to help visualize your customer journey, and outline content to include under each page

  2. Research keywords to use on your site

  3. Set title tags and meta descriptions for each page ensuring we implement keywords in both and in written content getting you ready to compete for higher ranking on search engine results pages

  4. Receive PDF copy of sitemap to complete written content and gather images/video you want to use in the design of your website

  5. Once you have all of the above, you can send your sitemap and content to a web designer who will copy/paste this into the design of your website. 

Example Sitemap Content.PNG

Ex: PDF copy of sitemap content. (will only include headlines and outlined information to include when you are writing your body text)