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We are mindful of consumer privacy and make sure that our clients are in compliance.

The GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, applies to any company that collects or processes personal data of individuals within the European Union.

GDPR applies to a wide range of organizations, from large multinational corporations to small businesses with an online presence. It is important for all companies in scope to understand and comply with the GDPR's requirements for protecting personal data. Failure to do so can result in significant penalties. GDPR and CCPA compliance not only protects your business legally, but also helps to build trust with customers.


We provide GDPR compliance audits to help companies identify areas where they may be lacking in their data protection policies and procedures. These audits can also ensure that GDPR and CCPA rights, such as the right to erasure and access, are being properly implemented. While GDPR and CCPA compliance may require some initial effort, the long-term benefits of maintaining compliant practices make it well worth the investment. 


GDPR/CCPA compliance audit to make sure you aren't at risk

Custom development to insure your email signup process is compliantead 

Whether you need an eCommerce store, a new website, digital marketing, branding, strategy planning, or looking for a custom development solution, we can help.

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