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digital marketing

Make your brand visible across major platforms. 

Online Shopping

Take advantage of FREE & PAID digital platforms and utilize marketing tactics to help achieve your business goals. People look to the internet and social media to establish your brand's creditability. Be consistent in growing your online presence to establish your brand as what it has been defined to be. See how we help grow online presence and use media platforms to grow sales.

 Digital Marketing tactics that help achieve growth: 


  1. YouTube & Display Advertising 

  2. Email Marketing

  3. Paid Search Advertising

  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  5. Website Optimization

  6. Social Media Marketing

  7. Listing in Business Directories

Our Process

1. Optimize websites for search engine results pages (SERP) to increase your site's ranking by:

  • Ensuring mobile-friendly layouts

  • Using SEO tools to perform SEO audits

  • Performing keyword research

  • Organizing website resource center

  • Adding schema markup to webpages

  • Improving the quality of the user experience

2. Set up and manage paid social media, search, and display advertisements.

  • Understand set marketing campaign goals 

  • Establish ad groups for each campaign

  • Define and segment target audience attributes

  • Create ad copy that is relevant to the searcher's query or interest social media ad viewers

  • Configure landing pages to convert leads ensuring it is relevant to the ad and optimized.

  • Measure return on ad spend

3. Create content strategies for multiple social media platforms

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • YouTube

  • Twitter

  • Tik-Tok

4. Engage and grow email subscriber lists

  • Create multiple sources of lead magnets.

  • Setup email preference options (ex: what emails do you prefer to receive?, promotions, new items)

  • Organize written and visual content to be displayed in emails

  • Track the open rate

  • Set email frequencies

  • Segment email subscribers (ex: the amount of purchase, type of purchase, purchase cycle)  

Stay consistent in growing your presence online as this will surely help grow your brand and achieve the goals that you've set for your business.