Join the Content Development workshop to brainstorm and organize content ideas for a 30-day calendar.

What to expect from the Content Development workshop?

New content ideas to build awareness, interest, and desire to purchase your products or use your services. You will learn about 4 types of content (written, visual, video, and interactive), and what they include. You will receive worksheets to use in this session to help map content ideas, and to create a 30-day schedule for executing these ideas.

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What will we do in the Content Development workshop?

  1. Discuss your short-term business goals

  2. Assess the type of content you use

  3. Choose your target consumers to make content for

  4. Understand the journey your target consumer takes in their buying process

  5. Develop content ideas for different stages of the consumer buying process

  6. Discuss types of content that may benefit your brand best and is easy for you to do yourself

  7. Use the content development and a 30-day media calendar worksheet to set metrics and schedule when selected content ideas will be published to different platforms