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building Awareness

Be the drum-beat of your community, and build positive publicity around your brand.

Image by Joel Muniz

As a small business owner, building exposure to your brand can be a daunting task. But, if you focus those tasks on your local community and establish your business as a staple brand in your city, then the buzz around your brand can penetrate nationally and even globally. Don't be afraid to put YOURSELF out there to develop business relationships around your city. See what actions we take to attract exposure to brands.

Different ways to build exposure to your brand:

  1. Sponsorships

  2. Collaborations

  3. Event Hosting

  4. Press Releases

  5. Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising

Our Process

1. Create a schedule to solicit people in your city to engage with your business/brand

  • Send relevant links in local groups to educate consumers about your brand

  • Find recommendation posts to list your business on

  • Send DM's to targeted influencers, linking coupons or trial offers

2. Connect brand to organizations, people, and events that match the interests and passions of the brand.

  • Find sponsorship opportunities

  • Negotiate collaboration deals

  • Host events 

3. Build local exposure to your brand

  • Send press releases to local media highlighting your brand story

  • Organize a pop-up shop

  • Send direct-mail postcards

Apply these actions to your marketing efforts to build positive publicity in local communities or cities in your area.