Join the Brand Building workshop to develop a winning strategy for your brand.

What to expect from the Brand Building workshop?

We start this session by you briefly pitching what your business is and who it is for. We will then dissect your pitch and discuss how we can fit it into the brand strategy framework. You will receive worksheets to use in this session that, when combined, will make up your full brand strategy. After this workshop, you should have a clear understanding of what your brand is about and how to market it to the right consumers.

Young Businesswomen

What will we do in the Brand Building workshop?

  1. Define your brand purpose

  2. Define your brand vision

  3. List your brand values

  4. Define your target audience

  5. Research your target audience

  6. List marketing initiatives to build awareness

  7. Discover your brand personality

  8. Understand the tone of your brand

  9. Brainstorm taglines

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